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California's premium solar installation subcontractor

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Partner with California’s’ Premier Solar Panel Installation Subcontractor Today. Committed to Excellence in Los Angeles, CA 

A Commitment To Excellence

American Solar Power stands out for its expertise in producing carport, rooftop, and ground-mount solar solutions in Los Angeles, CA. Their core strength lies in delivering top-notch installations, focusing exclusively on tailored PV projects to meet diverse client needs. Committed to providing dependable solar electrical solutions, they cater to general contractors, project developers, corporations, and government entities engaged in extensive, large-scale projects.

Your Go-to Subcontractors in the Area

We pride ourselves in being a top subcontractor, the best, really!
We’re hassle-free in the sense that we get a job and run with it until it’s completed without bugging contractors and building owners. At American Solar Power, we do special installations that others can’t. On many occasions, we have saved contractors from bad subs.

Our Full Range of Services

commercial roof top solar

Commercial Roof Top Solar

American Solar Power Inc. is at the forefront of the commercial rooftop solar revolution, committed to meticulous panel installation, unlocking solar energy’s limitless potential

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ground mount installations service los angeles ca

Ground Mount Installations

American Solar Power Inc.’s adept team designs precise solutions tailored to your project site’s unique needs.

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solar carport installations service los angeles ca

Solar Carport Installations

American Solar Power Inc. pioneers various solar parking structures and shade solutions, providing diverse energy alternatives to meet your needs.

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Take the Leap Into the Future of Energy

Some people may be reluctant to the idea of getting solar panel installation on their properties. However, using solar energy is becoming more and more popular.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Solar:

  • Clean, renewable, and emission-free energy
  • Qualifying for cash incentives and tax breaks
  • Reducing your business’ overhead costs
  • Gaining energy independence
  • Improving your business’ image and reputation
  • And so much more!

We Offer All-Inclusive Solar Panel Solutions

Our goal here at American Solar Power is to be your only point of contact for all of your solar panel needs. As such, we offer comprehensive solar solutions for all clients in the area. We thrive when working for turnkey operations for commercial customers, and we go the extra mile to provide customizable and unique solutions that best adapt to each client’s particular needs. Whether you need commercial subcontracting, or even a solar carport installation, we’ve got you covered!

Speak Directly With a Professional Solar Panel Installation Subcontractor

Give us a call if you would like to get a solar installation directly from renowned and reputable subcontractors near the Los Angeles, CA, area! Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process and how our solutions can benefit you!

We want to inform our valued customers that we never make unsolicited cold calls. If you receive a cold call claiming to be from our company, please be aware it may be fraudulent. We encourage you to contact us directly through our official channels for any service inquiries or concerns.

Serving The Greater Los Angeles Area and Beyond

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