Solar Panel Cleaning with optional Free Maintenance Check

Solar panels must be kept clean in order for them to produce the maximum amount of power from the sun. Because they are mounted outdoors, solar panel production can be reduced by as much as 50% by the following factors:

  • Soft Shading - soiling that results from smog, soot and salt coating the glass surfaces
  • Hard Shading - resulting from dust accumulations, bird droppings, plant debris
  • Tree Growth - Limbs and branches that increase shading
  • Offline equipment - May be caused by small animals chewing exposed wiring

Studies show that abundant rainfall may help remove some of the debris that accumulates from soft shading, but may not remove certain types of hard shading such as bird droppings.  

We typically start with a free Solar System Maintenance Check (optional), and then send a technician to your home to inspect and clean your panels.

5-Point Service

✅   1 - Inspect equipment and wiring for damage caused by animals or weather

✅   2 - Remove small branches that are shading panels (must be ladder-accessible and on your property) 

✅   3 - Remove any loose plant debris from rooftop and dispose into your garbage container

✅   4 - Clean panel surfaces with special brushes and cleaning solution to avoid damage to glass surfaces 

   5 - Advise if any repairs or tree trimming is recommended

At all times our crew will observe safety precautions to protect both your family and our crew.

If your system needs repair or any equipment needs replacing, we’ll coordinate directly with the manufacturer and/or your installer, which should result in no charge to you as long as your system is still under warranty.

To do the maintenance check, we just need a copy of recent utility bill, and a photo of the current readout on your inverter, or provide us with access to your solar monitoring service.


Solar panel cleaning (once per year)

with optional Free maintenance check