Solar for Renters


For too long, going solar has mainly been an option for those who own their homes and have good credit. We are changing that with our "Solar For Renters" program, making solar accessible to just about any renter! With our pilot program, we are now able to help renters who are served by Southern California Edison get solar for free!


This program works by creating a benefit for both the renter AND their landlord. 

  • RENTERS – Reduce their SCE bills to the minimum charge of $10/month for up to three years for FREE.
  • LANDLORDS – Get solar installed on their rental property 100% FREE. The loan can be secured by property tax assessment, so we don't need to tie up your credit and no credit score is needed! For the first three years (approximately) the loan payments can be paid for with the Federal Tax Credit (in order to claim this tax credit the landlord must owe at least the amount of the federal tax credit), and the remaining balance of the loan payments could be covered by the renter, who could agree to pay increased rent once the tax credit funds are exhausted (in this case, the renter would STILL be paying less than before solar). 

Unlike the typical process for getting solar, we don't run you through the ringer by forcing you to sit through a long sales presentation. Of course are always happy to answer any questions, but our goal is to quickly find the least amount of solar that needs to be installed in order to reduce the renter's bill to the minimum $10/month -- for as long as possible. 

To do this accurately and to be able to offer the Savings Guarantee from American Solar Power, we start by collecting the renter's last 12 months of usage data from SCE, which is broken out hour-by-hour. We then design an optimal system that will reduce the renter's bill to the minimum $10/month. (If the renter increases their usage after solar is installed, then they might see increases in their monthly SCE bill to reflect that.) 

After we receive the renter's usage data from SCE, they will get a email from us with a link to their results which will look like this example:

If the renter wants to get started, we'll ask them for the landlord's contact information. We'll then negotiate terms with the landlord to limit any rent increases as much as possible. The renter must then approve the final arrangements worked out with the landlord in order for us to move forward. We will then work with the renter and your landlord to complete the installation. It's a win-win for everyone!

Not every home will qualify, and so the amount of time we can keep the renter's bill at $10/month will depend upon the size of the renter's average SCE bills over the past 12 months. The higher their average bill, the larger the tax credit available, and the longer we'll be able to keep the renter's bills at $10/month.


It's easy to get started! All we need is for the renter to upload a copy of a recent SCE bill below, or just text a picture of the first page to 805-267-9583.

Renter will then receive an email with an e-sign link that authorizes us to collect their hourly energy data from SCE. Once we have this information, we'll send customized results to the renter with instructions on getting started.

 It's doesn't cost anything to find out, so get started today!