Solar for Landlords

For rental property owners, investing in renewable energy for your tenants has its challenges. Without the energy data from each renter, it can be difficult to determine the optimal sizing for the installation. With our Solar for Landlords program, we'll find the optimal size for you, and will do the installation at NO COST TO YOU

Adding value to your property at zero cost, NO CREDIT REQUIRED

You can increase the value of your property by adding solar. This will allow you to charge more rent, plus you'll get 30% of the system cost as a credit on your federal taxes. Here is how it works:

1) We will build a custom proposal to install the optimal amount of solar in the available roof space

2) The loan is secured with a PACE loan, which means it is easy to qualify and does NOT require a credit score and does NOT affect your borrowing capacity. Learn more about PACE programs here

3) You receive a tax credit in the amount of 30% of the project cost.

4) You increase rents on a pro-rated basis to cover the cost of the loan. The benefits of the solar installation are allocated to each tenant using a program called "Virtual Net Metering"


YOU can

  • Advertise your rentals as powered by green solar energy
  • Advertise your rentals as subsidized electricity (reduced electric bills), or offer your rentals with electricity included in the rent
  • The assessed value of your property will NOT go up because of the solar installation


  • Enjoy reduced electric bills
  • Have their homes powered by green energy at no cost to them