(Available to Southern California Edison Customers Only)

American Solar Power will guarantee that, in the first 12 months following your systems activation, you will receive in the form of utility bill credit or avoided utility costs at least the Guaranteed Annual Savings amount that is presented at the time you signed your installation agreement, or we will pay you the difference.

Because of some factors we cannot control, there are some circumstances that may modify your Guaranteed Annual Savings amount which includes:

  1. If your home's total electricity consumption is reduced from the previous 12 months, the Guaranteed Annual Savings amount will be reduced proportionally.  For example, if your Guaranteed Annual Savings amount is $1,500, but you reduce overall electricity consumption by 10% that year, your Savings Guarantee will be prorated down to $1,350 (10% less).  (We can't save you money on energy you don't consume).
  2. In order to provide this guarantee, you provide us with authorization to make changes to your utility account on your behalf to take advantage of rate plans that yield the maximum savings for you. If you make rate plan changes on your own without our advice, it will void this Savings Guarantee.