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At American Solar Power, we care about how well your system performs over the years. We aim to deliver the maximum reduction to your bill for the least amount of solar installed.  


Whenever your home’s energy consumption data is available, we’ll use that to design the best sized system for your home, so that you end up paying the least amount to your utility, and you don’t waste any overproduction as well.


If you were to ask anyone who has already installed solar, how much are they saving as compared to before? Many people aren’t very sure because they don’t have a easy way to compare their total energy costs before and after installing solar.

Our Savings Maximization service is included free of charge with all of our residential installations. This service ensures that you always save the maximum amount on your utility bill, regardless of whether your household usage changes, or more favorable billing rate plans become available. This service is unique in the solar industry, and ensures you get the maximum return on investment over the life of your system

So unlike other solar companies who use online calculators, we don’t just guess. We start with your home’s energy data, crunch the numbers, and the let you know how much you can expect to save. If you take out a loan for solar, you’ll typically see greater than 100% return on your investment. You read that right! Solar and/or home battery storage is one of the safest, highest return investments you can ever make. Get started by uploading your bill, or just text a picture to us.

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