Our residential division has been rapidly becoming the installer of choice for many Californians, driven by our obsession with quality and our savings guarantee that ensures that you get the maximum return on your solar and/or battery storage investments over the life of your system.


First and foremost, we care. We care about our customers, we care about each other, and we care about doing a great job for you. We'd hope you refer us to your friends and colleagues from time to time, so we consider it our priority to earn your trust, right from the start. But caring is just the beginning. 

Our Savings Guarantee

What sets us apart from nearly all other solar companies is our obsession with quality and accuracy, which allows us to offer a savings guarantee in areas where consumption data is available. This means that you can install solar knowing that your investment returns could exceed 100% year after year!  Don't believe us? Let us PROVE it to you. 

No-Haggle Pricing

If you've ever suffered your way through a high-pressure sales presentation, you'll appreciate our data-driven approach to sales. Whenever your energy consumption data is available, we'll use that data to automatically size the optimal system for your home, which considers your usage patterns and the rate plans available from your utility. We then send you a report showing your optimal system size, and how much you are guaranteed to save. You'll like our numbers, and love our savings guarantee. 

Why do we do this? We want ALL of our customers to be super happy with their decision to go solar, and never doubt that it was a sound financial decision. 

We're a full-service contractor

With nearly 10 megawatts installed, we've gotten pretty good at this by now. We know all the tips and tricks to ensure your installation goes smoothly and without a hitch.

Installation Types

  • Rooftop 
  • Ground Mount
  • Canopy/Pergola
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations  

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