We have developed a unique position in the solar industry as a qualified SubContractor for small to large Commercial Solar Projects. 

Our Trained and Certified solar power professional team perform the highest quality installations for businesses of any size and industry.


Ground Mounts

Where appropriate, we also perform ground mount installations for those whose roof space doesn't present the ideal location for solar panels.


In addition to serving businesses, we also perform solar panel installations for residents throughout Southern California.


Charging Stations

Our solar professionals can install a solar charging station, which allows you to charge vehicles or other appliances utilizing the power drawn through your solar panels.

Solar Canopies

We are able to install solar canopies where possible that allow you to utilize solar power while providing additional space for your business operation.


Energy Storage

Finally, we specialize in the installation of energy storage devices, such as back-up batteries, back-up generators, and demand back-up batteries, to ensure you have full access to the solar energy you have accrued.


American Solar Power is the right choice for your home or business.